Berkeley Logo and the Turtle on Ubuntu Linux

Berkeley Logo drawing with the Turtle on Ubuntu

As a kid, the first programming language I ever saw was a variant of Logo on an Amstrad PC/M system. I discovered its graphic system, the "Turtle" and how it could be used to create Spirograph-like images in a totally different environment from the word processing application or the file manager (which resembled Midnight Commander!)

So naturally I have to see what it looks like now:

sudo aptitude install ucblogo

According to the user manual ( "Berkeley Logo provides traditional Logo turtle graphics with one turtle. Multiple turtles, dynamic turtles, and collision detection are not supported."

I start the interpreter with 'logo' in a Terminal.

I put my pen down:


Hide the turtle:


And draw a fancy shape!

repeat 65 [fd 300 rt 165]

I was very pleased to get back up and running with Logo. However, I doubt I'll truly be satisfied until I can run an emulated version of the entire Amstrad PC/M system!

Edit: This post was originally published for Ubuntu 8.10. Tested working OK with identical commands in Ubuntu 12.10. Happy turtling!


  1. I tried it, and it works.
    Good! I missed the old triangle moving around!

    1. That's great! Glad it worked for you.


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