2 High Quality Free GPL Licensed Wordpress Themes

I found these two free Wordpress media-targeted themes while building a Wordpress site and thought I'd share them.

The first theme is called "Magazeen", and it's released by smashingmagazine.com under the GPLv2 license. Here's a screenshot:

I like this theme because it's got large thumbnails, good for those high quality images you need to feature.

Download Magazeen for free from Smashing Magazine

Another theme which is attractive and polished looking, aimed at photo bloggers, is Vostok. Like Magazeen, Vostok is also created by a team who has released it under GPLv2. Here are the two versions, Light and Dark:

I'll post about Wordpress plugins as soon as I get used to the platform a bit more and learn which plugins I will be relying on.

Download Vostok for free from Google Code

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