Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty" release

The new Ubuntu 11.04, codenamed "Natty" has been released today! You can get it via Update Manager if you're already running Ubuntu 10.10. If you're new to Ubuntu, you'll want to visit the download page and get your Ubuntu installer CD image. You can also visit the main Ubuntu site to learn more about this release.

The screenshot above shows my KDE 4.6/Kubuntu desktop running in Natty. I'm very well pleased with it. I'm using the default theme; my only change was to move the taskbar to the left where I prefer it. Open windows include Firefox 4 browser, and Konsole terminal. You can see KeePass, KTorrent and QuickSynergy all running as tray apps; plus several browsers, Filezilla and Xchat all happily humming along.

I'm finally getting used to the idea of desktop widgets, and you can see a couple of my favorites in the screenshot as well:
  • Color Picker lets me grab any color from the screen with an eyedropper - very useful for graphics work.
  • NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day, because I like pictures of outer space.
  • GMail Notifier to tell me when my GMail accounts have new mail.

All these widgets are available in the default installation of KDE. You can find them (and many more) by clicking on the Toolbox in the top right corner of the desktop.

Hope you enjoy this release as much as I have! Cheers.

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