Upgrading Kubuntu 12.04 to 12.10 Beta 1 "Quantal Quetzal"

Softpedia screenshot of the Kubuntu 12.10 Beta 1 default desktop
As noted on the official Kubuntu site http://www.kubuntu.org/news/12.10-beta-1) site, Kubuntu 12.10 beta 1 has been released. Here's how I upgraded my Ubuntu 12.04 system with KDE desktop to 12.10:

Set software sources:

Run the KDE package manager: Alt-F2 and enter "muon". Under Settings menu, choose "Configure Software Sources" and go to the Updates tab. Under Release Updates at the bottom, choose "Normal Updates". Close the "Configure Software Sources" window and Muon.

Start the upgrade:

Hit Alt-F2 again and open the KDE release upgrade manager by entering "kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade". Enter your password when prompted.

Click "Start Upgrade" once the release upgrade manager has finished loading.

Warning: At the point of choosing a display manager (login screen app), if you choose the new default "LightDM", do not log out of KDM when prompted by LightDM's installation script. Simply decline to logout, and continue with the install process.

Click "Replace" when asked about configuration file changes, unless you know you have local modifications you wish to preserve.

Click "Remove" when asked about obsolete packages.

Finish the upgrade:

And finally, restart when prompted to do so at the end of the process. Check for any more package updates to apply, and restart again if prompted.

Note: If things break horribly and you're left with a system that won't boot into a graphical interface, it's likely the upgrade was incomplete. One way to fix this is to select "Safe Mode" from the boot menu, then run "aptitude -f" as root to fix the broken packages by continuing installation of the distribution upgrade.  This is unlikely to happen unless your system is mega-crufty.

Final thoughts:

Enjoy your shiny new Kubuntu 12.10 with kernel 3.5.0 and KDE 4.9! For me, my desktop is much more responsive - everything from application launch time to application performance is noticeably better in Kubuntu 12.10.

Source: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/QuantalUpgrades/Kubuntu and my upgrade experience.

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