Building Hydrogen drum machine from SVN on Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid"

The SVN repository for the Linux drum machine software, Hydrogen has recently moved. You can read today's hydrogen-devel post about it here:

Here is how I installed Hydrogen from the new repository today on my 8.10 Intrepid system (you'll need the QT libraries, libqt4-dev if you don't already have them, as well as build-essential and probably a few others I'm forgetting):

cd ~
mkdir hydrogen-build && cd hydrogen-build
svn co
cd trunk && scons && sudo su -c "scons install"

Now I can run this one-liner to update Hydrogen to latest SVN (680 at this writing).

cd ~/hydrogen/trunk && svn up && scons && sudo su -c "scons install"

Hydrogen installs to /usr/local/bin/hydrogen when built this way, so you can run "hydrogen" in a terminal to open it.

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